Do Black Lives Really Matter

Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?

By now everyone in the world has heard of black lives matters. From signs, to images, to hashtags, the powerful message and protests have rallied not only the black community but seemingly the world. We explore this controversial topic with social media and people in the streets to get their REAL feelings on BLM as


Maybe It’s Just Me (Teaser Trailer)

This new discussion series tackles tough trending and controversial topics to get past real talk to understanding and results. Our group touches on topics and leaves it up to you the viewer to provide your comments on your thoughts. Only through honest discussions based on facts. commons sense and not bias are problems ever solved.

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Rise with Me Music Review Song Rap

A music review of Goodieboyz first release “Rise with Me. The music and music video review delves into the videos message of state of racism in america, how the emotional impact of the lyrics and video images as well as personal thoughts on the song and music video overall. #risewithme #policebrutality #musicvideoreview #songreview

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Rise With Me | Racism in America]

Rise with Me (feat. SumBoyRay, Switch, The Collective) downloads available 6/19/20. Licensed: Goodieboyz, BMI The first single release of the revamped Goodieboyz. Tested, reviewed and tweaked over the last year, we decided to release after the current events demanding equality, end of police brutality, racial profiling and calls to improve race relations not only in