Wizards Chess! After almost 10 months, it’s finally time to show you all what I’ve been hard at work on all this time. I Invented the closest thing so far to real wizards chess, 100% voice controlled with beautiful chess pieces just like in the movie, there are even engravings on the board! Part 1: (8/28/2020) Part 2: (9/4/2020) Part 3: (9/11/2020) Part 4: (9/18/2020) Part 5: (9/25/2020) Part 6: (10/2/2020) Part 7: (10/9/2020) The way the board handles promotions is that you first just say your movement, then the lightbar turns purple and you can say whether you want to promote the pawn to queen or knight, since the queen can do everything the other pieces can except for the knight there is no reason to choose any other. Once you’ve said to which one you want to promote your pawn, it will move the pawn and view it as whatever piece you said (you need to replace the pawn yourself). WARNING: Have fun, experiment, but always be careful, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO

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