#DIYFLOWERWALL #FLOWERBACKDROP #BABYSHOWERFLOWERWALL Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I am showcasing my newest #DIY from #DOLLARTREE. I made a new #FLOWERWALL where all of my materials came from #DOLLARTREE. I made this background for my youtube channel, but this piece could have many purposes. This could be a background for many events like weddings, bridal parties, wedding showers, engagement parties, gender reveal parties, baby showers, birthday parties, and regular parties as well. This could go perfectly in a baby girl’s nursery and even as #homedecor. There are so many possibilities with this piece its kind of amazing! I really hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to give it some love! ~Measurements for the foundation holes:~ Put a mark .5 inches from the top of the board on the long side and the short end. the next hole needs to be 2 and 3/8th’s on the first line. Second-line needs to be 2 inches from the top of the board and 1 and 11/16th’s from the long side of the foam board. Repeat until the board is full of marks to place the flowers in. After the flowers are placed add more flowers into the gaps if any. Materials Used: Flower Arrangements: Dollar Tree Foam Board: Dollar Tree Glue Sticks: Dollar Tree Hot Glue gun: Michaels Mechanical Pencil Ruler Command Strips: Target Alternative Materials to use: Hook and fasten Fix all Adhesive (seen in my texture board video): Dollar Tree


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