💣💣“New beginnings” aka “Conversion” VIDEO OUT NOW by P2quare feat:Tsaba ! 💣 This video is a sure depiction of urban class while culminating the hardships of life and its struggles in trying to please God. 💥”Conversion” also begins with a touching featured introduction dealing with the difficulties of emergence (RISE UP) during tough times by “TD Jakes”💣.. The DUO appear to be making it quite obvious that their cause and mission is one greater than their own .Their message is simple. We will EVOLVE. WE WILL RISE and WE WILL REVOLUTIONIZE. 08012020🖖🏾❗️ Shot out to my Shooter Dee Loso for Deeloeso filmz. A “Boyz N da Hood” type production with Classic Style. 🥵Don’t FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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