Hey guys and welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I am showing you the newest arrivals in the #TargetDollarSpot or the #BullseyePlayground . This season is all about #BACKTOSCHOOL and they also have a ton of #FARMHOUSEDECOR as well. A lot I’ve never seen like the #LemonDecor and #OrangeDecor. #CollegeDormDecor is also out and super affordable! Calling all #TEACHER ‘s they have so many items I think every kid would love to see in their rooms this year. With everything going on with #Covid and #SocialDistancing I think bringing a little happy to the classroom is what some #Students need! Have you heard of #clearthelist ? It’s where teachers make an #amazonwishlist of their school supplies they need for the year and people all over the world help #donate ! Teachers do not have a big budget, if one at all, to pay for decorations in their classrooms, or major supplies like books, pencils, and paper for their students. There are a lot of children that cannot afford school supplies each year, and these amazing teachers pay for their supplies out of their own pocket. Do you have a favorite teacher that helped you as a child? Here is a chance for you to give back! Let’s all #clearthelist for these amazing teachers! I would like to say I am not receiving any of these donations, they are 100% going to the teachers! Also, who loves my typo? Pretty fitting since this is a back to school video… looks like I definitely need a repeat of elementary English!

*Are you a teacher or know of a teacher that needs a little help filling their classroom? Please link your amazon wish list in the comments, and I will add you to this list!*


-Teacher’s List:-

Rachel Beck is a 1st-grade teacher from North Carolina. This is her second year of teaching. I went to middle school with her and she has the kindest soul. If you are able to help in any way please check out her list here!


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