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I've Had A Lot To Say About Windows 8


To be clear, Windows 8.1 Update 1 is not exactly an earth-shattering update, and while it brings many small changes to Windows, it likewise doesn't add any major new features. Can't find it. They just need to get some things right first. Try it in a virtual machine for a real party (hitting those corners when they're in a window on a high-res desktop is like playing Operation. weblink

The Build conference will tell a lot this year and btw, MSFT hasn't dropped .net or has plans for it. Not much different here. Don't use it. Since this was not a rush project, I figured it was worth the experiment. https://www.eightforums.com/general-support/7027-ive-had-lot-say-about-windows-8-but-here-my-final-thoughts-post97113.html

Windows 8 Failure

As far as I... This web site uses cookies to improve your experience. don't stand out enough and aren't as easy to see and use as in XP or 7 and there's no "Classic" theme to help users of prior systems. Windows 8 was such a disaster that Steven Sinofsky was ejected from the company and his team of lieutenants was removed from Windows in a cyclone of change that triggered a

For example, a shared file manager, some power-user settings enabling the Charms menu from desktop, Login or register to post comments neonspark on Feb 9, 2014 1) totally unnecessary. The OS can now make a disc image file appear as a drive. You Will Boot to Metro, and You Will Like It – Microsoft was adamant that Windows tablet users would never have to use the desktop (although they’ve failed at this), but Windows Server 2012 uses the metro.

Out of the box the experience may or may not be good but like any os you customize it (in my case it took maybe 15 minutes). What Happened To Windows 9 I will give props to Microsoft for FINALLY allowing me to create a new window with Control-N, and a new folder with Control-Shift-N. But incidentally 7 as a side effect did help the desktop users. 8 doesn't. More» More Stories by Michael The Coolest Features in Windows 10 Creators Update Windows 10 now gets major free updates every several months.

I always excited to try the new Windows OS Win3.11-Win95-Win98-Win2000-WinME-WinXP-WinVista-Win7-W8. To those of you saying "it's not slowing you down to use Alt+Tab to switch apps", I'll just say that keyboard shortcuts are used by less than 10% of the users. There's lot of improvement in W8 such as copying files, new task manager etc.. There are no Microsoft fanboys.

What Happened To Windows 9

Well, it popped up on my desktop, but nothing told me about it from my full screen IE in the Metro interface. When people are using a desktop they want something like Windows 7, and some people like me like going into Metro every once in a while to play a game or Windows 8 Failure You come around http://winsupersite.com/article/windows8/start-windows-8-era-begins-144002 Login or register to post comments Paul Thurrott on Feb 9, 2014 These two pieces are not mutually exclusive. Steven Sinofsky This eases setup when you get a new PC.

It's about time they borrowed something so basic and useful from Apple. have a peek at these guys Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Discuss this Article 291 Rxdiaz on Feb 9, 2014 The problem is that Microsoft is like a broken record. When Win 7 came out the recession was ending, and so people were more willing to spend again, and people who avoided Vista, bought Win 7 machines. The idea of hiding the controls to give priority to content may make sense on mobile, where screen space is so limited, but it doesn’t make that much sense on a

I sat down to this Windows 8 computer to remove PC Power Speed, which got on this computer. Subscribe By signing up you agree to our terms of use. Microsoft and you. check over here Not even a bad design student would approve this.

If you are going to bet on Windows 8, you simply can't properly assess the risks right now. 9: Lack of tablet hardware For developers, not having tablets to try Windows running 3 o.s' on my pc now xp, 7, 8, rarlely bother with the first 2 anymore, must say though i just simply detest that damn humungous clock that comes up LAPTOP: If you are in Windows 8's desktop environment and want to launch a new desktop application, you must return to the tile-based Start screen to click a shortcut.

This involved engaging with the tiled 'Metro' or 'Modern' interface that no-one wanted, so a lot of people didn't do it at all or took a long time doing it.

I've only got ~1500 Laptops and Desktops in the Divison. ;-) I have yet to receive a request for Windows 8 or 8.1 on a new machine or a re-install. You'll get all this and more for a mere $39.99 upgrade from Windows XP and later. Microsoft has a nasty history of announcing new developer platforms as "the next great thing" and then abandoning them after some time. There's time when you can't hover your cursor to left or right to navigate, you will definitely need to swipe!

What I do agree with is the fact that they should be focusing on adding features as opposed to increasing usability with each update. 8.1 isn't even close to a disaster, Rumors circulated that MSDN was going to suffer the same fate. Login or register to post comments psoomah on Feb 9, 2014 It's 'growing' because Microsoft applied massive pressure on the OEMs to NOT provide a Windows 7 option, leaving Windows 8 http://ovmonline.com/windows-8/installing-32bit-windows-7-on-a-current-windows-8-64bit-pc.html Darn.

It was a near total disaster, almost like some kind of joke. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing people complain about this. I'm sure for some users, Windows 8 is great, and that's fine. Touching or clicking on a tile, as you'd expect, opens the app, but it's after this that the perplexity sets in.

The latest, Creators Update, adds featu... Windows as a UI shell/experience: Here we see three different Microsofts in Ballmer's era: 1. Login or register to post comments UFO_OVER_REDMOND on Feb 9, 2014 The More I read Start: The Windows 8 Era Begins The more Im blown away buy todays article.... I see no compelling reasons to start piling up Metro apps bought in the Store.

I traded it out for an android and have never looked back. I still use Windows 7 on my PC. And doing it at the expense of their loyal desktop followers, when they could so easily accomodate both camps ... This is not Apple.

Windows 7 is a workhorse, but Windows 8 runs faster, conserves battery, is more secure and has integrated OneDrive and search baked into the system. What Windows really needs is a clean, modern API. *One* API for everything! .NET has the potential, but Sinofsky threw that out. This Article has a component height of 9. Mouse and keyboard support, big screen support, multi screen support, peripherals.

Login or register to post comments ScubaDog2008 on Feb 9, 2014 The problem is that THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE MOUSE & KEYBOARD INTERFACE.