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Is It Me Or Is The Metro App Selection Absolute Junk?


But they're not. http://www.mrseb.co.uk/ Sebastian Anthony Well, a) Don't pay too much heed to the titles (read the stories), and b) Windows 8 is huge, and thus it deserves a lot of coverage! The most current version can be found here. love to hear more discussion and opinions etc etc.... navigate here

Personally I have used a 3rd party tool at one job many years ago to get the task bar on more than one screen. Different fonts faces and sizes all around. The reality is that, in general, people are ready for touch. http://twitter.com/VinnyVinnix Vincent Cifelli I just wished W8's would respect proper customization.

Why Is Windows 10 So Bad

Windows 10 you might have updated to in July 2015 will be a different OS than Windows 10 plus all its updates a year later. Your stunt failed, Microsoft. DON'T USE THE TOUCH VERSION OF INTERNET EXPLORER. http://www.facebook.com/lourenco.abreu Lourenço Abreu Question is, and what does the start menu allows you to do?

Joel Hruska That's irrelevant to the problem of not *finding* data there in the first place. We are talking about 3-6 gigabytes of data some people absolutely do not need. They should optimise windows 8 for a hardcore desktop(non-touch) experience otherwise they'll lose for sure. Windows Rot Unfortunately some new games will require Windows 10 but those are Microsoft sponsored titles created to push Windows 10.

Justice Dean I am a store manager who sells the product…. Another complaint is the calendar; you can subscribe to a calendar, such as Google Calendar, but it only subscribes to your main calander. Never click buy on the search results page. of course, windows 8 has all of this plus metro, which makes windows 7 GUI seem great by comparison.

power users want things to happen with as few clicks, drags, and full screen grabbing transitions as possible. Do People Like Windows 10 Mark Whipple Give Microsoft some credit: they've achieved the incredibly difficult task of maintaining compatibility with all Windows applications while also providing an interface for tablet and phone computing. also if i don't have messaging docked, i get the message notification pop up in the top right which i can click on and quickly flip to metro messaging. http://gcomputer.net/ Gray Knight Not sure what planet you are on, but Windows 7 seriously runs better than XP.

How Do I Get Rid Of Windows 10

Normally you should never run Windows without a decent antivirus installed (Microsoft Security Essentials is not an AV your can rely on, in fact you're crazy if you believe it protects find more info The constant sting of rejection Because sometimes, you are kind of holding out for that person you swiped right on. Why Is Windows 10 So Bad Archduke Leopold Right MS would first have to fire all the self righteous dumbasses that cannot ever admit that they made a mistake. Windows Constant Disk Activity Why have smartphone/tablet apps on a 24″ monitor?

It seems the entire app store is loaded with junk apps that are useless. http://ovmonline.com/windows-10/is-there-a-way-to-change-the-icons-of-metro-tiles-in-windows-8.html I use both the new UI and the Desktop. You've got no real control over crucial features of the OS: Windows 10 will have no service packs which means it will always be a work in progress and you are I highly doubt! Windows 10 Lawsuit

There are issues with the OS, such as those the OP has highlighted, but there are also loads of improvements that in my opinion make Windows 8 a very good upgrade. I work with other journalists. People are either super keen to meet up, or weirdly content with never meeting Ask for a date after a few days of conversation, like a normal person. 21. his comment is here YES Sends personally identifying information to known and unknown third parties?

If you want to reinforce your love towards Microsoft and Windows 10 go to neowin.net - this website has thousands of raving idiots who dribble and moan with excitement from everything Svchost Problem So there goes that non-issue. It's not a question of figuring it out, even though it shouldn't take me any time at all really to find basic functionality.

is this statement supposed to fear-jerk us back onto the upgrade treadmill?

This is obviously RIPE for great jokes or at least some kind of ‘isn't online dating terrifying?' connection. there is nothing forcing you to use them. is this statement supposed to fear-jerk us back onto the upgrade treadmill? Kb3081424 Fail Leave your comments, additions and hatred below. © 2015-2017 Artem S.

Along with more customization and quicker operating system. It's MUTTro. Windows 8 will make high end users frustrated at first because they are used to doing things a certain way with older Windows (start menu for example). weblink James Windows 8 is fine so long as you dismiss the start screen.

Rather than step through the situation app by app, we'll highlight specific apps that demonstrate the problems. In a blog post on Tuesday, Windows corporate VP Antoine Leblond said that while hardware makers are being given time to incorporate Windows 8. … COMMENTS House rules Send corrections This People immediately taking things to bizarrely sexual levels We've been speaking via app for three minutes, don't think you know me quite well enough to be narrating your deepest sexual desires. 15. But I do like things with live tiles and the ability to sync my settings.

When I go to my boot ootions it wont allow me to change the order of my boot options and I have no idea how to add my dvd drive as If not for a recent backup to an external drive, all my data would have disappeared. Enable Boot to Desktop Microsoft went out of their way to make boot-to-desktop difficult. I suppose I should enjoy being forced to use the command line to do such simple tasks.

The things you do in desktop simply won't be needed in the computers of the future. the rt consumer is fairly basic, vs the pro consumer could be quite advanced. For example, you can't get a Windows 7-style network menu when you click the Wi-Fi icon in your system tray. All the hate for 8.

you have two shells Desktop/Metro and be able to switch between. This perpetuates a duct-tape culture that refuses to actually fix problems and instead rewards teams that find ways to work around them. The truth is there are some new security features but they are invisible for most users out there.