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Incorrect DPI/scaling Of Desktop On ONE Monitor


These programmers who made non-dpi-aware apps but still cleam they are should be illegal. TechNet Magazine Tips Windows 7 Windows 7 Optimize Display Scaling and Fix Scaling Issues on Windows 7 Optimize Display Scaling and Fix Scaling Issues on Windows 7 Optimize Display Scaling and TowerWednesday, 05 February 2014 21:10:33 UTCI recently got a Dell XPS 15 and the video issues have also been driving me batty. Roleplaying deity indication Help the dealer rebuild the deck What is used for a "client" in Japan of 2050s? Source

Both of which can bite them squarely in the arse if they do not wake up. This is scaled as the apps goes along (controls gets wider due to the text areas gets prescaled, so the images on them, if properly anchored, scale as well). This includes the menus (eg explorer), desktop programs and the cursor. Unfortunately OSX does not look much better here.I do not believe that MS can ever catch up.

Windows 10 Dpi Scaling Multiple Monitors

solved Can I run two 1080p monitors with a 4k monitor as a triple setup for gaming and normal use? Needs new API to allow this approach on desktop. It appears to set them differently, but it doesn't. solved In terms of scaling - Can I properly use a 27" 4K monitor in Windows 7? 4k monitor scaling fixed?

WPF has all the chances in the world to be good at this, but at the point of taking blood, sweat and tears to make ordinary images not be blurry or Decided to stick with my 1080p's for now, even a 980 cannot power all games in 4k right now.I'm waiting on the 390x vs. 980ti before i decide on an upgrade My Computer Computer Type: Laptop System Manufacturer/Model Number: Lenovo Y70-50 touch UHD OS: Window 10 CPU: intel i7-4700HQ Motherboard: unknown Lenovo Memory: 16GB Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX860M Monitor(s) Displays: Laptop Windows 10 Scaling 4k On Windows 8.1 when you have the “Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays” check box checked (not checked by default) one uniform DPI scaling value is used

Fonts are well-sized, and while the icons aren't high-res (retina) they still look ok. Then in the application adjust the font size to 26pt for menu's and any editors. Windows 8.1 tri-mon setup from left: Samsung 23” full-HD, Samsung 27” WQHD, Sharp PN-K321 32” Ultra-HD While high-resolution displays are amazing they also present some practical challenges. Anyone have any idea how to just disable scaling on a per-monitor basis?

Windows now runs on an amazing variety of devices, some of which now offer incredibly high resolution screens. Disable Dpi Scaling Windows 10 I have been unable to get most of my important programs to play well with the higher definition display. I am obviously out of the new laptop market too long. but they're all sold out of Tri-X's on Newegg right now, and the 4k monitor I want is sold out too. (for $350 at least, they're sold out of)http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA24G22K6992&cm_re=Acer_B286HK-_-24-009-659-_-ProductI want to

Monitor Scaling Windows 7

No scroll bars, no resize but the content had been scaled out of view. page Another Microsoft brain-storming has resulted in the Windows 8 slider being replaced in Windows 8.1 by a list of preset percentages, which works just like the slider. Windows 10 Dpi Scaling Multiple Monitors This wonderful tool gives you more granular control when you're using monitors of varying resolutions, rather than applying a single DPI scaling percentage to all of your monitors—which can result in nasty Windows 7 Dpi Scaling Multiple Monitors This resulted in the following physical display DPI values: 23” display: 64 DPI 27” display: 81 DPI 32” display: 140 DPI (native) To show you how UI scales with this demo

jonjohanessyburgWednesday, 15 January 2014 12:17:53 UTCFinally someone brings up this issue... this contact form I'm sorry if you're confused, what I mean by 'DPI scaling' is this in Windows Settings:http://www.eightforums.com/attachments/tutorials/24815d1373919596-dpi-scaling-size-change-displays-windows-8-1-a-windows_8.1_per_display_dpi-1.jpgProblem is, as you see, I don't want the 'let this scale all displays' checkbox, and I agree with Sahil, Apple has solved this much easier: simply scale _everything_ with the same factor, works always. Equally, changing resolution and changing back fixes the issue. Windows 10 Scaling Fix

Be aware, though, that if you choose a setting higher than 200 percent, UI elements and text may be scaled so large that you cannot work with the computer. What's New? It produces consistent word/line length, but does contribute slightly to that "blury" effect some people see in OSX fonts. have a peek here SQL Server Management Studio is a bad example.

This is not an ideal user experience. Windows 10 Scaling Blurry Once you're there, you've won half the battle. If you scale one part (text), menus won't scale, pics won't also, etc.

Its just pixels - height and width.You should leave monitors at native resolution.

Serious issue accessing as multi accounts all having Picture password in User Accounts and Family Safety I don't know if it's my installation, but I can't really switch to select a But what to do? I also think it would be great to add pinch and stretch to the desktop in touch mode as well. Windows 10 Dpi Below 100 At first I thought why it won't let me reach the full resolution, but after I downloaded a tool to do that I understand why.

I’ll need to examine this on more machines, and with future builds, to be sure. Workarounds will let us keep using desktop programs on high resolution displays but they'll just be workarounds because the Windows desktop simply wasn't designed to scale nicely.My article with a guess The UHD looks fine, but all the "scaling aware" applications look blurry on the HD monitors. Check This Out How are they?MatthewWednesday, 15 January 2014 22:38:52 UTCThe Windows DPI scaling control panel has DPI scaling bugs: http://i.imgur.com/zi80IhG.pngmodelessThursday, 16 January 2014 00:16:16 UTCI've been having similar problems with my Yoga2.

Login or register to post comments WP8_Go on May 3, 2013 As Paul mentioned, this issue has been around for a long time... Here's Adobe Reader. i want to be able to change scaling with each monitor separately! Just flip a coin, chances are it's gonna be a mix of small and large.

Add your remote computer, go to properties and then under Remote Desktop Settings, select "Same as client area" for Remote Desktop size.SanjeevSaturday, 22 March 2014 10:29:43 UTCEven Internet Explorer on the I can see the conversation going something like "Should we add that new feature our users are clamoring for, or should we essentially rebuild the entire UI to make things look Ask a new question Read More Multiple Monitors Windows 8.1 Dual Monitors Scaling 4k 1080p Monitors DPI Related Resources solved Will a GTX 970 run Triple 4K Monitors with 1 for solved 3 1080p monitors and 1 4K tv?

In Windows 8, Microsoft has decided that its new and wonderful DPI algorithm, which attempts to get things sized correctly based on both the resolution, size, and pixel density of a You should see a graphical layout of your monitor set-up. This has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with Windows 8/RT tablets and Microsoft's new UX paradigm for desktop and mobile computing. A photo editing app may want to scale UI elements like buttons and checkboxes, but not scale other content.

Indeed, the sheer simplicity of this configuration in Windows 10 really masks how terrible this was previously. Because I've had no luck with it so far. Am I to blame? Libre Office looks fine.

Logging out and back in again causes applications to restart and pick up the changes. Optimizing Multi-Mon DPI Scaling in Windows 8.1 If you are running a screen resolution of 1366×768 on a tablet, chances are that UI will look good at 100% DPI settings. I have a Dell XPS 13 that runs at 3200x1800 at 200% scaling. In Windows 8 you can choose either 100% to optimize the UI on the tablet display or up to 150% to optimize the UI on the external display.

I hope they can fix the problem because more people are buying laptops with screens that can display more than Full HD content.SalahMonday, 24 February 2014 01:45:33 UTCSecond generation X1 Carbon Your post clearly shows Microsoft should get their act together with respect to a solid desktop UI framework and provide a solid healthy future, so issues like this are solved automatically MS, wake up!!! Current dpi-unaware apps: Can display with no scaling, or with fuzzy pixel scaling.