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Is There RT Only Interface Installation For Win 8?

There is a SkyDrive application that does sync, but it only works on Win8. A Windows RT device like Surface RT could potentially be a good additional business tool, but if you want a full-featured enterprise platform, you'll need to go with Windows 8. I'm so fed up with Microsoft. Then there’s Windows 8 Enterprise that Microsoft will push at corporations and such.

Do you have any other questions or comments about Windows 8’s support for multiple languages? The desktop is still useful for two primary reasons: Changing settings that can’t yet be changed from the Modern PC Settings app and using Microsoft Office applications, which haven’t yet been If you’ve sat down at a Windows computer and found it’s in an unfamiliar language, trying to puzzle out where the language options are located can take a while. After your computer restarts, log in and re-open the Language pane after doing so.

Unlike Windows RT, Windows 8 includes a fully functional desktop (although there’s no Start menu by default.) No Non-Microsoft Apps on the Desktop The most jarring change on Windows RT is Advertisement Click the Add a Language option under Clock, Language, and Region. Reply amir nakamaru December 10, 2014 at 9:05 am thank you very much, that was work. A field guide to Win 8 hardware Windows 8: All the new PCs Microsoft Surface: The full review Microsoft Surface and its rivals: The first wave of Windows RT tablets Just

Instead of being a polished place to browse and buy apps, it’s just sad and lonely and even the most basic stuff you can get on the internet for free, costs You can only run the preinstalled Microsoft applications on the desktop. It does have a built-in app to sync with Gmail, Exchange, Hotmail and other IMAP mail servers, but it won't do plain, old POP3. english uk?

So while such devices are still tablets in the technical sense, in both performance and price they compete more with Ultrabooks and other laptop PCs than with pure tablets, and the Perenson) To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed. I did a prank I shouldn't have and couldn't fix it except for this. https://www.cnet.com/news/just-what-is-windows-rt-anyway-faq/ Dell offers the Latitude 10 tablet with Windows 8 Pro starting around $1000; it has half the RAM and half the storage of the Samsung, but also uses just an Intel

Alexandra Chang Gear Date of Publication: 10.22.12. 10.22.12 Time of Publication: 6:29 pm. 6:29 pm The Differences Between Windows 8 and Windows RT Explained As Windows 8 and its accompanying devices Windows RT also does not port Windows Media Player, though it does come with other build-in media players like Xbox Music. If you wanted to use Office applications on Windows RT for business (or “revenue-generating”) use, you’d technically have to pay Microsoft for commercial-use rights. CEO Steve Ballmer introduces the all-new Surface tablet during the company's mystery event in Los Angeles, Calif.

Got that? why not try these out Microsoft just dominates the market and then this shit. Windows RT will only run on ARM-powered devices. But it won't do IMAP.

Microsoft Office Significantly, Windows RT includes preinstalled versions of four Microsoft Office 2013 applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The physical upgrade pack for Windows 8 Pro is already available for pre-order for $70. Articles l l How to Get Windows 10's Creators Update Now What Is the Service Host Process (svchost.exe) and Why Are So Many Running? It doesn’t do anything to really hold my attention and as I already mentioned, the app offerings are lacking.

Go to Wired Home Page. If the interface is in another language, just look for the icon containing a globe with a clock in front of it and click the first option in the list under Battery Life Battery life is another area where the Windows 8 Pro tablet competes more with ultrabooks than other tablets. Sure, there's a free version of Office included, and that may draw some people in on its own.

Of all the changes in Windows 8, the biggest unknown is predicting how people will react to its "Windows 8 Lite" approach. By way of comparison, an equally equipped iPad - 128 GB/Wi-Fi/Smart Cover/Apple Wireless Keyboard – is about $900. Instead of icons, there are "tiles" that can surface information from the app in real time, and it's powered by WinRT.

To log off, open the Start screen (press the Windows key), click or tap your user name at the top-right corner of the screen, and select the Sign out option.

Reply Trish May 13, 2015 at 4:36 pm Worked great, the screen shots were especially helpful. Yes, in Win8 you don't start on the desktop, you start on what they were calling the Metro interface but now it's the no name orphan startup screen (NNOSS). The Samsung site, however, sports a "Get to know Windows 8" marketing logo, and states, "Samsung recommends Windows 8", so perhaps the tablet will soon come with the new OS pre-installed. Windows RT is technically priceless, since you will not be able to purchase an upgrade package for Windows RT.

Add a New Display Language If you don’t see the language you want to use in the list, click the Add a language option — it’s located at the top-left corner But you have to be careful. Bonus, with an iPad you have access to the Apple App Store and its 800,000+ apps vs. Just remember that Windows RT is limited to apps in the Windows Store, which is not very robust yet. (Images: Lenovo (left), Microsoft (right)) Go Back to Top.

If it works in Windows 8 Metro and does not open in Desktop mode, it will work on Windows RT. Of course, there are other ways you could open the Control Panel — you could also right-click in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the system tools menu Every Read More . If Surface is to be Windows 8’s hardware standard bearer, Microsoft might have to take a page out of Google and Amazon’s playbooks and sell its stuff at a cut rate

Size and Weight This is one area where the two platforms are roughly on par—depending on what you buy. Nobody really complains about this and it keeps Apple relevant. Windows 8 is not a must-have upgrade. JOIN THE DISCUSSION Tweet Chris Hoffman is a technology writer and all-around computer geek.

We’d really appreciate it. New Interface Shown Off, Maybe? Simple. When buying a new Windows tablet or laptop computer, be sure to consider how important desktop applications are to you.

Now, how do you change the language of system messages (the ones that appear on a blue background, e.g. "Restarting..." or "Welcome")? If you want a tablet or mobile converible that functions like the iPad, then a Windows RT device is a good fit. While Windows 8 and Windows RT offer a Modern-style PC Settings app, the new interface doesn’t contain all the options found in the standard Windows Control Panel. It was republished on October 12, 2012 with additional details about Windows RT.

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