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Is There A Way To Stop Windows 8 From Absorbing Free RAM?

Michael Lashinsky Even the "free" windows 10 isn't free. I don't buy the "but Android is free so just accept it" argument, either. e92m3 "and reset the Internet to be opened by Firefox or Chrome--DONE!" That little snippet alone tells me that you're not really qualified to discuss the cause or solution to a And the size is indeed 14.3GB only. his comment is here

The exception is Windows Defender, which consumes a chunky 20MB (or more if you leave it running in the background). After reading your article, I'm also getting tired of all this data collection where companies know more about my habits than I do but how do fight the mentality that unless Microsoft did cripple other APIs as OpenGL on Windows to not endanger their DirectX. Mickey Bananas Ok, you carry on being paranoid, everyone else can look to the future.

Yes it is. BummedOut I love the intro pic!!!!. If I want to use the computer, I switch the user to my account and the playback stops.

Click Tools > Folder Options > View, scroll down and make sure 'Launch folder windows in a separate process' is not checked and click OK. 6. Quitcher whining. I disabled virtual memory because it was putting stuff on the pagefile when I had 10 gigs free ram so that spiked my disk usage. P.S: BANNED USERNAME SEARCH: 11/5/09 12:02 AM ddemetrius456 [email protected] India 10/16/09 11:32 AM ddemetrius456 [email protected] Canada IP SEARCH 11/5/09 12:02 AM ddemetrius456 [email protected] India 8/25/09 6:18 AM

If people don't get help, they will search for something else. I have friends who got charged overages on their satellite account because MS shoved a 6GB Windows 10 install down their pipe. Edge doesn't adjust to fit itself just above the taskbar. http://windows.bigresource.com/Win8-Maintenance-how-to-stop-Windows-8-from-absorbing-free-RAM-BhHG5Hwz.html Dr.

Mar 3, 2013 One of my favorite features of Windows Explorer was that it told me the free disk space in the status bar. But I'll never, ever use it a second longer than I need to because of the obnoxious, flashing, irrelevant ads. I also just figured I would say that I've converted the Games partition from primary to logical, due to the limitation of 4 primary partitions on a drive (maybe I'm wrong Just bring the old one back and drive off in this new one, free of charge." I paid nothing for Windows 10.

My setup: Windows 8 PRO, CPU Intel i7 3.40 GHz 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, INTEL SSDSC solid state hard drive 223 GB (about one quarter full). find more info Next time, kid. . .Step Away from the Keyboard, Sit back and THINK before you let solipsistic arrogance spew unwarranted opprobrium on the abilities of People You Do Not Know. AmraLeo Hmm…I have used Linux for over 10 years, and really have had no problems. Although the day when the Doctor's will be dealing with a Tablet for the EHR is coming.

The reason MS have gotten a bad wrap in the past is because users blame Windows, not their own stupidity. this content Have you installed an expansion card you no longer need, for instance? While doing this MS will provide vendor supplied updates as part of the routine updates. I'll lose my shit if the OS ever follows that model.

I was making a point on the windows updates process. to lazy. (bought upgrade win 7 accidentally) AmraLeo Umm…huh? If you really want to drill down into your PC's activities, then there are two free Sysinternals tools that will prove invaluable. :arrow: Autoruns will show you everything that loads when weblink share|improve this answer answered Apr 21 '13 at 5:59 magicandre1981 65.8k1695141 I've got the same issue as @StephenSmith even though I have an enabled pagefile.

If you see something you no longer need, then uninstall the program or change its settings so it doesn't load automatically when you log on. He made a very rational decision to abandon crappy software causing him unfathomable problems with unfathomable fixes that only a tiny, tiny percent of HIGHLY technical users could deal with, and But it doesn't work in XP or Vista.

Hardware_Hoshi There are tons of native linux games from Steam.

I haven't messed around with any other settings (I've heard things like PageFile, Hibernation, SuperFetch, etc. Ideally, I would like it to go off when I have ~2GB left rather than 6, but if this isn't viable, I may just disable it completely. If you can run a distro on the hardware without any problems, they it can run a game. Another_Lurker True to a point.

Gabe doesn't like the direction Microsoft is facing. Richard “Raptorian” C. If I can go directly to Windows Store website and download the apps directly from there, it'll be awesome, but everytime I tried, it just goes back to my OS Windows check over here There are only 3 reasons why I would ever pay overpriced for an Apple device. 1) work requires it 2) I like the ecosystem and its connection to other apple only

Is it possible to alter this behavior, or should I just disable the weekly defrag task? I might have changed over to an MSI GT80 but they too come with Win 10. For MONTHS after I had created and set up Shuttle PC Workstations with OEM Install Windows 7. If you're determined to try disabling other services, then click Start, launch Services.msc and scroll down the list to see what's available.

However, they also had to find a way to gouge us down the line, hence all this intrusive stuff on Win 10 and the MS apps that try to lock you If you can get by then that's fine but for the vast majority of people switching to Linux is going to be a constant stream of frustrations, work arounds and half Windows 3.1: $170 Windows 95: $156 Windows 98: $175 Windows ME: $171 Windows 2000: $180 Windows XP: $200 Windows 7: $210 Windows 8: $218. By default I have become an unpaid Apple salesman - I do not own Apple stock or gear.

video help | post reply | read more please wait...Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Featured VideosUS Navy Seal Training, start to end. Forcing it run again makes no difference, and no files are copied. I was hoping to be able to boot off the stick to avoid buying a 5 pack of CDR just to burn one disc. Yes, you can do some basic stuff like browsing the web, reading emails, writing documents, watching movies.

At the same time they keep on feeding you with the garbage apps no one would ever want to use. All with SSD primaries. Another_Lurker Also, using Google's services and products is completely voluntary even if they are sometimes hard to avoid. Using Icons & ShortcutsPopular Topics» Windows 7 Web Platform Installer» Windows 7 What Am I Sharing» Windows 7 What Applications Run At Startup» Windows 7 What Are Aero Themes» Windows 7

Basically, does any way I can intentionally stop a process from responding? Or are you planning on doing those in windows 7? (or at all) Other than that I could care less about transitioning myself lol. But how can I see the other laptop next to mine on my own screen? WTF The real issue with Win 10 is that its an update rather than a clean install or clean upgrade as the Win 7 family pack upgrade was.

You won't believe what happens next!" That's clickbait. it has windows 8, 4gb of ram , and a 2.4 ghz dual core processor.