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Is My New LaCie 320GB Mobile Disk.Deceased?

soundsupremedj 12:45 AM - 30 December, 2006 Brand name:Newer Technology Model:MiniStack v2 Firewire, USB or both: both Capacity:250gig Size - 3.5" Powered by USB/Firwire port?:firewire and external power Price:160 stockie 5:08 A proper drive has it's own supply built in with a removable 3 prong IEC power cord. I can find no way in BIOS or Computer Management - Disk Management to assign the Disk and physically swapping the drives makes the system disk unbootable. Think about that.

Now if can just get those Mac people to give me my money back.... I want to split the existing C drive into two drives but when I right click the drive in Disk Management there is no option to do this. Lexi 7:03 AM - 30 May, 2007 Assuming Windows XP: Start > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Computer Management Under the 'Storage' tree, click 'Disk Management' On the right-hand side Just to double check, both power cords work on my other Lacie, but my 500GB still won't respond to either. website here

I bought a Lacie 320gb d2 with USB2.0/FW 400/Fw800. DRIVE IS BACK UP!! I need drives for several computers, including Mac, Windows and Linux boxes. Thanks so much, WYATT from Chicago/Austin LaCie 1TB Big Disk Drive Failure...Or Not Posted by claytron at Apr 16, 2010 10:13 AM I would gladly accept payments in beer :) Same

The question is whether a Vista upgrade would work on top of an XP image that used a lot of older hardware. Love it. I am devastated that my upclose images of our US president are trapped on the drive I have that is inaccessible. I installed Kaspersky...

As a result, you will probably see a number of people in forums online relating stories of this kind. One thing I noticed was that for some reason the noise level increased and decreased with the activity of the drives. Comment on this posting... http://windows.bigresource.com/Vista-Is-my-new-LaCie-320-GB-Mobile-Disk-Deceased--sf95aW2t.html What sort of external hard drives are you using?

Please try again. It's extremely quiet (not that it matters when the music's playing, but good for editing video or doing audio work). I'm beginning to think LaCie is about to destroy their reputation as an affordable reliable brand name... May. 20, 2009 item.92476 Kevin Perry I've been working in professional audio/video (primarily Avid/Final Cut/Pro Tools) support for about fifteen years now, and seen a large number of LaCie failures.

Uh oh. https://www.amazon.com/LaCie-All-Terrain-FireWire-Portable-301291/dp/B000VW2QRM Join Now Help Remember Me? if the disks are operating they can suddenly disconnect (with the risk of losing information that implies), and in a few cases, a buzzing sound from the power supply itself. PS: After using dozens of LaCie disks this is only the second one to fail plus one charger.

I agree with other commenters that the best option after power brick failure is to move the drive to a third party case. It's always seemed curious to me that they continue to survive, perhaps to thrive, while selling persistently problematic hardware at premium prices. hehe DJ BIS 6:27 PM - 15 December, 2006 Assume that you play five hour gigs. The drives inside have all been good, so if you have one of these die on you, you can likely recover the data by swapping cases.

Posted by Matt at Mar 03, 2010 08:39 AM I agree that it has to be the power supply.But instead of dropping $30.00 on a new power supply I dropped $30.00 I love that it is self-powered so I don't have to lug a power adapter with me. I noticed a few times before the failure that the cord would make a popping sound and this explains that. Is this not possible in Vista?

I filled mine with (4) 500Gig drives and with some sync software I bought, backups are a breeze and you can even use it to stream music on your home network. item.89713 Randall Voth Doug Pocius, before you format that drive! Box Contents: FireWire 800 (9-to-9 pin) cable, FireWire 400 (6-to-6 pin) cable, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable (USB 1.1 compatible), USB power-sharing cable, Quick Start Guide, Genie Backup Assistant Software with data

If this unit shipped with a diagnostics CD i'd run those tools to prep the drive for use...

Cable connections on the back of the device had the impression that they were cheaply made, and kept removing themselves.Moreover, the entire drive eventually failed, making various clicking noises and otherwise http://www.rocstor.com/ [A quick glance at the site shows some interesting features, including hardware encryption (with FireWire hardware key) and some anti-shock features in the mounting system. -Ric Ford] Comment on this When i back up my FW800 it only takes 2 hours for all 250gbs. DJ Jinnai 5:51 PM - 28 November, 2006 Brand: Seagate, Random Enclosure Interface: USB Capacity: 160 GB Size: 3.5 Powered: NO Price: $99 Good?

MusicMeister 3:28 PM - 20 June, 2006 Brand name: Hammer Storage Model: 400GB Interface: USB & Firewire Capacity: 400GB Size: 3.5" Powered by USB/Firwire port?: No - 12V power brick Price: You should get a return authorization first -- or risk that the drive won't be accepted on their end. As it was on wihtout and drives in it, I popped one of the drives and and the drive spun up and it sounded as if it was reading and whatnot.After I bought it cuz it was cheap dj dawn 8:45 AM - 21 June, 2006 Brand name: Maxtor Model: One Touch II Firewire, USB or both: USB & Firewire Capacity: 250

I think it said a file was not working or was corrupted and may have said something about "Catalyst". For an hour and a half the poor thing raced like fury until I lost patience with the litte fellow and tried to abort the futile mission. Comment on this posting... The only thing about them is that they run kind of warm.

Very fast, very easy to use, especially with iTunes. Please delete my previous post.