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Is Vista Sleep Function Burning My Graphics Card?


It would seem that these Advanced Docks are very finicky about which graphics cards they will work with. i have a hp pavilion f1903. Vista hardware & devices Vista Sleep FunctionI use my laptop as a desktop replacement. Took less 5 mins at 200 degrees celcius to destroy the 9800GTX. (pic on my facebook… missing capacitors and all) elixe Took me a lot longer than the hour and half, his comment is here

Have to power down and reboot and get the "safe mode" questions etc. Not unheard of I know, but worth noting.3rd. However, the Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM) brings fundamental changes to the management of multiple graphics adapters and external displays. I am running Diskeeper 2007 Pro on my Lenovo N100 and it works flawlessly.

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Sleep worked so poorly on XP laptops that I didn't use it back then, but for some reason I've allowed myself to get in the habit of using it on this Considering the cost of the laptop when I purchased it, it seemed a no-brainer to try a new motherboard first and hope that was it. BTW I was searching for video card on a Dell Laptop as one of our employees laptop would not even flicker, just black screen. If not, or if there are simply too many wake timers active to bother with them individually, you can just deactivate them altogether.

I also read it on another message board somewhere, but can't remember where. No DVI-I port on the ThinkPad: There should be a DVI-I port on the ThinkPad instead of the VGA port. Switching back from the logon screen should be completely seamless and it isn't. Baking Circuit Boards In Oven It had previously been giving me odd characters during boot and would never get past the Windows loading screen.

To open it, hold down the Windows-key + R and type in “eventvwr.msc”. I was not aware of that. I really hope Sleep's issues are finally resolved in Vista SP1. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/394448/help-with-possible-graphics-card-problem/ Cooked in regular old oven.

Help! 385f To C I also take the opportunity to clean the crapoff the fan and heatsink. I stripped the motherboard of foam and the lithium battery only, then put the motherboard on three balls of aluminium foil (one of which was supporting the heatsink over the ATI Northbridge I had to hold down the power button to reboot it.

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Just died. why not find out more The question is -- for how long? Graphics Card In Oven It is the slowest, most unstable OS I have ever used. Reflow Graphics Card Heat Gun I baked it at 200 degrees C for 10 minutes, reassembled with thermal paste and the card has been working for weeks.

Sleep mode is like an A bomb for my laptop. this content Why else would I be opening the lid if I didn't want to use my computer? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Worked like a charm!! 200 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes, 20 minutes cooldown. Bake Motherboard Temperature

All fixed. karan heloo, i have a Palit nvidea 8600 GT 512m ddr2 GPU my prob is when i plug it in motherboard it works fine, butttt when i install drivers , it Whereas before cooking it, 30 minutes was the best I could hope for. weblink My video card is an nVidia GeForce Go 6150.

But we can run 2 monitors with the internal NVidia card. Bake Tv Motherboard I'll report back after the holiday. Yesterday, baked 10 min @ 390 Fahrenheit.

It doesn't allow me to set Immediately apply this display.

The places of electrical contacts get attached, while the rest of the solder melts and flows away. Ha ha ha! Pendrago What do you have to lose if you're going to buy a new one anyway…This trick worked for me perfectly  angie  if it's just your video card, why would you How To Fix A Broken Graphics Card click here.

No improvement. After several minutes, you can use the password reset CD/DVD or USB to reset windows vista password. More resources Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Russia France Germany UK Italy USA Subscribe to Tom's Hardware Search the site Ok About Tom's Hardware Advertising About check over here Zulboy45 I ‘m also have the problem..

I should have gotten the DVD+CD burner instead of the CD-only burner. My first pc i had built for me had a totally spagged board with weird sound problems. Zim_256 You DON'T HAVE TO PREHEAT THE OVEN, is more safe to trow the board inside and then turning the heat on.The process has a maximum heat/time scheme of 3°C/sec for Booting in safe mode was fine, and using standby on-board vga port also worked fine.

I went through all of these problems and still cant resolve issue. Please consult the graphics vendor's Web site for details on their driver support. Lets see how long it will last. please i need reply please please anyone Anonymous Insane… After no other options with my GeForce Go 7950 GTX 512MB NVidia card, I thought why not try this.

Holy HELL! I didn't have any lines or bsod's when it worked. I was looking into it when your very situation was discovered through my research. To think how many people have probably chucked decent cards away because of this fault and all they had to do was whack it in the oven - damn shame.

John Pcbdesign I used this process on a geforce 460 that went dead after about 1 year of use.  Before I did this, I did a little research on the solder.  I didn't expect much of it, and I felt like a total idiot baking my card in the oven like that. Thanks! The reason your computer is constantly running high CPU and hard drive activity has to do with a combination of processes which are constantly running.

Nevermind the end of any paused long playlist I might have been in the middle of. Neither of the first 2 cons happens with my system - I'm not sure if these are T61 specific, or if you've just got an issue with your HDD.