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Criminal Trial FIR to Judgment

Criminal Trial From FIR to Judgment. Magistrate trial section 241A to 245 Cr.P.C ✓FIR to Final Report: 154 Registration of Fir 156 Investigation in cognizable cases. 160 power of police to require attendance of witness. 161  examination of witness who are acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case. 164 confession or statement record

Discharge of tort

Discharge of Tort

Introduction ➢Discharge of tort means those circumstances in which liability exists but remedy does not exist. A right of action for a tort may come to an end in one of the following ways 1.Death of the parties; 2.Waiver; 3.Acquiescence; 4.Release; 5.Accord and Satisfaction; 6.Statutes of Limitation; 7.Judgment Recovered.

Do Black Lives Really Matter

Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?

By now everyone in the world has heard of black lives matters. From signs, to images, to hashtags, the powerful message and protests have rallied not only the black community but seemingly the world. We explore this controversial topic with social media and people in the streets to get their REAL feelings on BLM as

Madrid Spain Video Tour [TOP tourist attractions]

Akumal Art Festival | Mexico Street Art

Go behind the scenes with street artists during Akumal Mexico’s Akumal Art Festival in this bonus episode. The Cardens meet a few of the street murales artists for the akumal art festival and enjoy the pageantry and celebration celebrated in Akumal Mexico. Also check out the show and tell documentary to learn and see all

Madrid Spain Video Tour [TOP tourist attractions]

Madrid Spain Video Tour

The Swigarts from the Show & Tell documentary, take you on a tour of Madrid Spain as well as show you everyday life riding around Madrid. #madrid #budgettravel These short spain travel video guide tours, spain travel tips and spain travel experiences from Madrid, Valencia, Toledo, Seville and Barcelona are from the documentary Show &


Latino Spiderman-Tik tok funny videos

It’s hard being an neighborhood Spiderman and Avenger when you’re quarantine. Watch what your amazing latino spiderman has been up to during quarantine and how he fights crime.

What is mortgage?

What is Mortgage? Types of Mortgage

Mortgage is defined under sec 58 of Transfer of Prop Act, 1882. •Mortgage means: convey or transfer any specific immovable property to a creditor as a security of loan. A mortgage is a transfer of an intrest in specific immovable property for the purpose of securing payment.   1. Person who transfer the property is